As a director, I seek to stir the innermost chambers of the soul with raw reflections of our fragile, terrifying, beautiful, paradoxically awe-inspiring humanity, inciting us to better ourselves both individually and collectively. I’m particularly fond of abstract, expressive work and themes engaging social change.

I am also a DP/Cinematographer for hire for short films, music videos, and promotional content.

I’m always looking for new projects, so please contact me to start a dialogue.

Live Performance

Music Videos




LA Dance Project - Summer Dance Intensive 2022

Helo - Jack in the Box Monster Taco Feast (Camera Op)

Mythili Prakash - Not Limited by Time

One Club Creative Perspective - Annie Saunders

VIRAHE - Official Music Video

Poetic Justice

Teaser Trailer: Downhill

Ride for Black Lives

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