About Me

 I am currently diverting energy and focus primarily towards solidarity actions with Black Lives Matter and amplifying melanated voices.

Any future projects featuring BIPOC voices will be prioritized.

For LA Cyclists: rideforblacklives.org

For Theatre Artists, please visit www.weseeyouWAT.com and support the movement for substantive change in the arts.

 As a director and generative artist, I seek to stir the innermost chambers of the soul with raw reflections of our fragile, terrifying, beautiful, paradoxically awe-inspiring humanity, inciting us to better ourselves both individually and collectively through live performances, films, photography, and installations.


We have crawled out of the mud and banded together to create empires, prevailed against the harshest the Earth has thrown at us, walked amongst the stars beyond, and soaked the planet in our blood a hundred times over on our quest for “progress” towards Truth and Meaning – that part of ourselves we see as a hole from which we assume something is missing. Something that, if we try hard enough, search long enough, suffer through enough, will make us complete. I raise the question: what if it’s not a hole? What if nothing was meant to fit there? What if we just are, and not the wronged, cast-out deities we think we should be? What happens if we begin to accept ourselves as we are now – not as an excusable byproduct of not yet having earned our pass back into paradise, but as the flawed, wild, infantile mess of a species we’ve proved to be? Perhaps – just maybe – we could begin to take responsibility for ourselves before it’s too late. I’m out to challenge, provoke, incite, inspire.


To this end, my work thrives when its relationship to casual reality is precarious at best, where extreme oppositions are in play. The aesthetic of my pieces transports the receiver both to the world of pure imagination, dreams, and the mesmerizing landscape of other and simultaneously to the deep recesses within ourselves. The poetic event should leave us breathless. “What’s going to happen next?!” “What is GOING ON?!” I have little interest in spoon-feeding, hand-holding, and “taking care” of an audience. I want their relationship to the work to be something with which they must actively grapple.


I am an insatiably curious, multi-faceted, cross-medium artist. A leader. A story-craftsman. A stalwart of poetics. A steward of humanity’s highest potential.

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